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This site updated on 02-09-2015

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Congratulations on taking the first step in determining whether a Weimaraner is the right breed for you and your family. Below are a few ideas on what to look for in a reputable Weimaraner breeder.

Please be aware that if purchasing a puppy from VegasWEIMS is not feasible for your circumstances, that we would be more than happy to refer you to a reputable Weimaraner breeder. Overall, our goal is to unite you with a healthy, happy and social puppy that will be a perfect fit for your family.
When speaking to a breeder, there are important things to consider in determining if this particular breeder has puppies best suited for you and your family

FIRST- find out if the parents are closely related, such as brother and sister, half brother and sister, father to daughter or mother to son. Serious health conditions and behavioral issues could surface in the future as a result of these breeding relationships.
SECOND- Please be advised that per AKC and the Weimaraner Club of America standards, Weimaraners only come in three (3) colors. Silver/Gray, Gray and Blue. Blue is NOT “BLACK.” There is no “FAWN and no “CHARCOAL” color. Breeders that claim to have “rare” Weim colors such as these are NOT being truthful. Also, according to AKC, Weims are not 100 plus lb. dogs. They are considered a “medium” size.
THIRD- GOOGLE SEARCH AD PHONE NUMBERS. This will give you the truth about who you are dealing with. A LOT of kennels/puppy mills do not advertise their own websites.
FOURTH- Be weary of breeders that have older puppies (10 to 12 weeks) still available. Question why they weren’t placed at the appropriate age.
FIFTH- Find out if they are breeding any other breeds of dogs. Clearly someone who has more than one breed can’t be using the term “home raised.” You can’t possibly have multiple breeds of dogs living in your house and NOT expect the males to try to breed ANY female that is in heat. so their options are cages or kennels. Remember that Goggle searching their phone number will also assist you in finding out this information.
SIXTH- Some breeders claim to have that their puppies have already had their eyes and hips certified. You can NOT certify the eyes of a 7 or 8 week old puppy. Also, when a dog gets their hips “certified” they are put under general anesthesia when they are xray’d. Not only would it be dangerous to such a young puppy to be put under anesthesia, it would be totally useless. You can NOT tell on such a young puppy if it is going to have Hip Dysplasia (HD) or not.
SEVENTH- BEWARE OF BREEDERS WHERE YOU CAN BE ON THEIR WEBSITE AND “ADD A PUPPY TO CART.” This is clearly a breeder that ONLY cares about the money.They do n’t even have to speak with you to see what kind of home they are sending their puppy to. If you have the money, you are good enough for that breeder. BIG NO NO. Responsible breeders will have more questions for you than you will have for them.
LASTLY- Inquire about their health guarantee. A good breeder will stand behind their pups/dogs for 2 years at the least. ALWAYS read your contract from the breeder. Should you find that in two or three years later, or even longer, you are unable to keep your Weimaraner, a good breeder will WANT to find that Weimaraner a new home with a forever family. A good breeder does NOT judge you if you have to surrender you Weim due to unforeseen circumstance.
ALSO, to my ARIZONA friends, I personally do NOT know of any reputable breeder in your state. You have at least a couple of “BROKERS.” Understand a broker is NOT a breeder. A broker is someone who buys entire litters of puppies from a puppy mill, usually out of the midwest U.S. for a cheap, cheap price and then pick them up when they are way too young to leave their parent and then pass them off to you as though they had bred and whelped the pups themselves. If there is any reason that you can NOT meet the parents....BEWARE.
Good luck in your search for the perfect puppy but please, educate yourself on your breeder. Saving yourself hundreds of dollars a badly bred puppy or a bad breeder, could cost you a lot more money in the future.
VegasWEIMS’ wants to see you get the best Weimaraner possible, whether it’s from us or another reputable breeder. A loved, well bred, healthy Weimaraner puppy will be the greatest addition to your family.

Welcome to VegasWEIMS. I’d like to take just a few moments of your time to tell you about us.
We are proud to say that we are Weimaraner breeders. We have been breeding Weimaraners for about 7 years now. Our goal is now, and always has been to produce healthy, intelligent and beautiful Weimaraner puppies. Although we are “breeders”, we are not your typical breeder. We do NOT have kennels, we do NOT have dog runs and our Weimaraners are NOT kept in cages. Our adult Weimaraners have free run of our house and over an acre of fenced in yard to play in. They sleep all over the house at night on doggy pillows and our original Weimaraners still sleep in our bed with us, and always will.

Our Weimaraner puppies are born in a whelping box in our bedroom, and that’s where they stay until they are at least 4 weeks old. From there they go into the Weimaraner nursery until they are old enough to go into the puppy yard during the day. Let me make it clear that they are never out of my sight. In the Weimaraner nursery there are cameras so that I can sit at my computer and watch all 4 views from a second monitor. I spend hours every day with the puppies, letting them crawl all over me, tug on my shirt and pants, they take off my flip flops and run and I show them they are loved. I also spend time with my adult Weimaraners. We play fetch with tennis balls, but their new thing is they enjoy dancing with me to the music on the stereo. We dance around the living room until I tire out. They seem to never tire out. There are cameras outside of the house that I can watch them when they are outside alone and these cameras record all outdoor activity. We take the safety and protection of our Weimaraners very seriously

When we retire one of our Weimaraners (spay or neuter) we don’t get rid of them because they don’t “produce” anymore. We love our dogs. They are a part of our family. We don’t stop loving them just because they are not having puppies. We do not breed all of our dogs, some of our Weimaraners are Weimaraners that we rescued from extremely abusive homes. We get them spayed or neutered, their medical needs attended to, then we spend however long it takes to get them to trust people again and not to be afraid any more. We show them they are loved and that they can run and play like any dog should and it’s okay. If we can get them to trust people again, we find them loving homes and there is NO charge to the new families. If the Weimaraner has been so traumatized that we are unable to adopt it out, it stays with us. VegasWEIMS pays for all medical bills the spay and neuter costs.

We love Weimaraners. We love the Weimaraner breed and we love our beautiful Weimaraner puppies. VegasWEIMS is always open for you to come and meet us and our dogs.

VegasWEIMS respects and admires the well known, long time Weimaraner Breeders and the National Weimaraner Organization and we support them and their cause.

For more information about VegasWEIMS, please check out our “About Us” page.




Weimaraner Puppy Pictures

Hanz was our first male Weimaraner. He is standing with one of our babies, a silver/gray Weimaraner puppy. Thank you to Freeharts Weimaraners for one of the best Weims ever!!

 While we strongly support and believe in the necessity of Weimaraner Rescue Organizations and truly appreciate their special cause, VegasWEIMS is in NO way affiliated, nor associated with the Las Vegas Weimaraner Club & Rescue. 
There seems to be some confusion as to who “VegasWeims” is. WE ARE VEGASWEIMS. The Las Vegas Weimaraner Club & Rescue are using multiple domain names such as, and NOW was purchased by the Club’s President in November, 2007. They also refer to themselves on several different websites as “Vegas Weims”, and “Vegas Weims Rescue”. They even sell products on behalf of their Club under the name “Vegas Weims”. They are NOT VegasWEIMS. We are two totally different entities. Why do they need to use “our” name to operate a Club and Rescue?
VegasWEIMS has operated under it’s name since 2001 and our website, was published in 2003.
Please feel free to check out the Domain name information on
Please note that not only breeds Weimaraners, but has rescued and placed over 70 abused and/or neglected Weimaraners and 2 Vizslas in the two plus years, and at NO time has ever charged an “adoption” or “rehoming fee” and we do NOT charge the families that are unable to keep their Weimaraner. Also, a spay or neuter for any dog can be done at our Vet, West Charleston Animal Hospital, for less than half the price the Club say they pay.
 All veterinarian bills are paid for by VegasWEIMS and NOT passed on to the new adoptive families.

While we strongly support and believe in the necessity of Weimaraner Rescue Organizations and appreciate their special cause, VegasWEIMS is in no way affiliated, nor associated with the Las Vegas Weimaraner Club & Rescue. They are using, and now,, The name nearly identical to ours was purchased by Jocelyn Arter, President of the Las Vegas Weimaraner Club & Rescue in November, 2007. We’re not sure why they feel the need to use our name.
In the beginning, when we were approached by Ms. Arter regarding the start of a Weimaraner Club, we gave Ms Arter ALL of the names & email addresses of people in Vegas we had placed puppies with. VegasWEIMS offered to build and maintain a website for the new Club. We since have offered gifts repeatedly for raffles to raise money to support the Club & Rescue, yet all of our offers were declined. We can only assume it is because we breed Weimaraners, but please note that VegasWEIMS has rescued and placed, at NO COST to the new families, over 70 Weims over the years.
FOR THE RECORD...VegasWEIMS has operated under it’s name since 2001 and our website, was published in 2003.
Please feel free to check out the Domain name information on

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